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It's one of our newest contributors chance to share a song this month. Click the link above to enjoy KRSPDS' most Whovian of choices!

Frustrating Website Issues

ABC Whovians would like to apologise for the major issues on the site of late. Issues like Recent post lists not updating fo nearly 2 weeks, site not always loading and trouble posting comments have all been reported to the website host and have been "placed in a queue" for fixing.

These issues are very frustrating to our contributors and we thank you for your patience while we wait for them to be resolved. In the meantime the most reliable list of recent forum posts can be found HERE

Patch's Pick

Each month a different member gets to choose a music video to share on the site.

To start things off ABC Whovians admin Patch has chosen her pick for the month of August.

Since it began over 5 years ago, ABC Whovians has welcomed over 230 new members and 300 Facebook followers who have contributed over 50,000 forum posts.
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ABC Whovians is excited to let you know about a new website feature called "Members Picks". It's your opportunity to share one of your favourite songs with your fellow members.
Stay tuned for more details!

2017 Christmas Special Trailer

The Doctors will be back this Christmas and the surprises keep on coming! Check out the trailer for this years special.

WARNING: Video contains two BIG spoilers!

Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor

The BBC has announced the first female to take on the iconic role of The Doctor. Check out all the fallout in our forums.  

Read the latest episode reviews by our resident blogger SonicR and let him know what you think!

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