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Duck, Pond! Part 3

Posted by ducktr who? on August 26, 2012 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (7)

Duck, Pond! and other Theories Part 3.

First we discussed duck ponds with no ducks in it (Read Part One). Then we looked at staircases that lead nowhere, impossible dates on nurses badges and strange black cloaked figures (Read Part Two). In this final part of my “Duck, Pond! And Other Theories” Blog I will share what I call the Mrs Angelo Conundrum.

But , before reading on, as a word of warning - when I first discovered this theory I felt it was so likely to be right that it felt like a massive spoiler. Of course you might think it is completely wrong, but in any case, read ahead at your own risk.



In the Eleventh Hour there was an intriguing conversation between the Doctor and a character by the name of Mrs Angelo. Mrs Angelo (pictured) is the grandmother of Amy’s friend Jeff Angelo. After the Doctor storms into their house under the guise of being a television repair man Mrs Angelo exclaims “I know you, don't I?” and adds "I've met you somewhere before, haven't I?". We’re later led to believe that Mrs Angelo knew the Doctor from Amy’s prolific drawings of the “Raggedy Doctor” that both Mrs Angelo and her grandson Jeff had evidently seen. But in the light of further evidence it makes sense that Mrs Angelo had actually met the Doctor in her past, a very long time in her past.


Somebody with way too much time on their hands has studied both The Eleventh Hour and Big Bang and pointed out that the unusual brooch Mrs Angelo is wearing is the same (or at least very similar) to the one worn by River Song at Amy and Rory’s wedding. (See picture)



This led many on the internet to speculate, initially, that Mrs Angelo was in fact an aged River Song, explaining why she had the same brooch. This theory doesn’t sit well with me because, as we know, River died in the Library. After discovering that River could regenerate, some then suggested that Mrs Angelo was a previous incarnation of the River we know, but I think that unlikely as well.


The best theory involves Mrs Angelo actually being the aged Amy Pond, zapped back in time by the Weeping Angels in the forthcoming episode “The Angels take Manhattan”. Perhaps after being transported in time she remarries a Mr Angelo and eventually moves back to Leadworth to watch herself grow up. If this is the case I’m assuming that at some point in the future River traces where her mother, Amy, is and visits her. Mrs Angelo then gives River her treasured brooch as a family heirloom. River, who is travelling through time in the opposite direction to Amy (Mrs Angelo) then sees the brooch as a fitting memento to wear to her parents’ wedding (In the Big bang episode).


And while the Mrs Angelo theory has many supporters I haven’t found any yet to reveal the most conclusive evidence that Amy is in fact Mrs Angelo. Her name: Mrs Angel-O. Because she was zapped by the Weeping Angels.


But all will be revealed soon, Series 7 is just around the corner. I for one hope that Moffat surprises us all with a completely different outcome, one that is utterly ridiculous,and brilliant all at the same time.


Bring it on!

Duck, Pond Part 2

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Duck, Pond! and other Theories Part 2.


“There’s something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour. There’s a shot in that. [Moffat's] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I’m saying too much already.”


Those words of Matt Smith has sent Doctor Who fans everywhere back to their box sets to rewatch Matt Smith’s debut episode “The Eleventh Hour” in an effort to discover what scene in it is linked with the final days of Amy and Rory Pond. We’ve already discussed the duck pond theories, so, in this blog, I am going to look at some of the other strange things that happened in “The Eleventh Hour”.


FIRST: The stairway that goes to nowhere. On the second floor of Amy’s house there is clearly a stair case that leads up. From the outside of the house there does not appear to be a third floor or attic. In the picture below it seems that the stair case leads up to the ceiling.



Possible explanation: The Silence are using the staircase to access Amy’s house, as it appears they had done in Craig’s house in The Lodger. But if that is the case, what were the burn marks that River sees outside Amy’s house in The Pandorica Opens?



SECOND: The strange dark figures. Throughout Series 5 you can see strange black cloaked figures lurking in the background.



Explanation: I think this is most likely supposed to represent The Silence, before the Moffat could actually remember what they looked like.


THIRD: Picture of Amy’s House on fire. This is a bit freaky, but young Amelia has drawn a picture of her house on fire. The human residence will be incinerated?



FOURTH: In the Eleventh Hour, after Amy and Rory get out of the elevator and start down the hospital hall Rory sees something that concerns him, but then he turns his head and appears to forget. Again, I think most likely the Silence.


FIFTH: The pin wheel and swing.


At the start of The Eleventh Hour we see a pin wheel spinning and a swing swinging in Amelia’s front yard. If you look closely you will notice that none of the plants are moving, so it can’t be wind. It appears that somebody else has just visited Amelia’s house, moments before the Doctor crash landed in his TARDIS. Who? I have no idea.



SIXTH: Rory’s ID badge. It says it was issued in November 1990. This part of the episode was set in 2008 (we think!) so Rory would only have been very young in 1990.



FINALLY: The fact that Amy remembers things that have disappeared through the time crack. She knew that the pond was a duck pond, and she remembered that her mum used to make faces on apples, although she had said earlier that she didn’t have a mum and a dad, and we later find out they had ceased to exist, because of being consumed by the crack.


Possible explanations for the last two: Rory and Amy were time travellers prior to meeting the Doctor. Perhaps the Silence have taken them from different points in their life and put them back in Leadworth, making it appear as though the Doctor was, first ten years, then two years late, when actually, he was arriving on the same day.


Then there is the Rory is the Master theory. I have never liked that one, because, to be honest I like Rory, and it would break my heart. But the fact that we are only now, in Series 7, about to meet Rory’s father, makes me wonder, just a little, if Rory’s father is the Master.


I guess we will have to wait and few weeks and see.


In my final blog (Read HERE) I will share with you the Eleventh Hour theory that I think is so plausible it feels like a spoiler.

Duck, Pond! and other theories. Part 1

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What is that?

It's a duck pond.

Why aren't there any ducks?

I dunno, there's never any ducks.

Then how do you know it's a duck pond?

It just is, is it important, the duck pond?

Amy asks the Doctor a good question “Is it important, the duck pond?” In this blog I hope to convince you that, yes, the duck pond is very important.

Ever since that scene in Matt Smith’s debut as the Doctor there has been endless discussion about the significance of the duck pond with no ducks in it. Perhaps even more so than the age old question “Doctor who?”. In an interview recently, Matt Smith added fuel to duck pond speculation when he said “There’s something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour…there’s a shot in that. He’s [Moffat's] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I’m saying too much already.” This has led many, including myself, to feel that maybe all our duck pond questions are about to be answered.

So, why does Amy call the pond a duck pond when there supposedly has never been any ducks in it? The obvious answer is that, like Amy’s parents, the cracks in the universe consumed the ducks, and therefore never actually existed. This theory seems to be supported by recent comments by Doctor Who show runner Steve Moffat. “From the start, I had this single idea: that the ducks, like Amy’s parents, had been sucked through the crack in time,” he said. “And to round everything off, in the very last shot of the series, we’d see the TARDIS fade away, leaving us with a shot of the duck pond, and some happy little ducks. Then, at the last minute, we had to relocate the scene to Amy’s back garden, and it never happened. So! There you go! Nice thought, never happened. Oops!”

But there is one thing I have learnt about Steve Moffat. He lies. Not that I don’t believe that the ducks were “sucked through the crack in time”. I just don’t believe that is the only significance of the duckless duck pond.

So here is my theory. There seems to be a couple of words that keep popping up in Moffat’s writings. Duck and Pond.

When the Doctor is driving the fire engine in “The Eleventh Hour” he sends a text message to Amy and Rory saying “DUCK!” just before the ladder on his engine crashed through the window above their heads. And then, perhaps more significantly, in the 3rd series episode “Blink” Sally Sparrow discovers a message from the Doctor (1969) under wallpaper in an old house, including the same word “DUCK!”. She ducks just in time to miss a projectile, presumably thrown by a weeping angel.

Given that we know that Amy and Rory are about to go missing in an episode featuring the weeping angels, I believe that the duck pond is not just a pond that’s ducks have mysteriously disappeared from. It is a warning to Amy of things to come…… “DUCK, Pond!”

In the next part of this Blog I will discuss some of the other interesting theories regarding “The Eleventh Hour” and in the third and final part I will present the Eleventh Hour theory that blows my mind.

Rubber Ducks in a Real Pond by Mika Glines

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