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Who was the "woman in the shop"?

Posted by sm on March 31, 2013 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (14)

Who was the "woman in the shop" who gave Clara the number to call the Tardis in "The Bells of St John"?

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Doctor Who Returns 31st March

Posted by sm on February 23, 2013 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (5)

In a promo ad currently airing on ABC1 Doctor Who features prominently among shows to be coming to the ABC in March 2013.

The BBC has already announced their airdate on the 30th March 2013, so that leaves the 31st of March as the only possible day for ABC1 to air it in March.

Which means we will be getting new Doctor Who on the tele less than 24 hrs after it premieres in the UK! Good work ABC!

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Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Posted by Rhys Parton on December 26, 2012 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Hi all, Rhys here! You might have seen that I'm now the ABC TV blogger for y'all. Tis exciting! Well, to start off, hello, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Now to my first review (for this site. Don't worry, I've done this reviewing thing before, you're in...pretty good hands), and, no surprise at all to anyone who knows me, it's a Doctor Who review! Starting off I was a little apprehensive of what we might be getting, becuase of the news that was flying around the interwebs. Things like a new TARDIS interior, a new arrangment of the theme, a 'Darker feeling to the Doctor', and other such things that have been washed out of my mind by the brilliant Christas fun we were gifted this year!

That's right, I enjoyed it. Loved it, infact. That's not hard with me and Doctor Who. For most of us I'm sure. So no anti-Christmas Special Bah Humbug here please.

And er, I do think it's needless to say, spoilers (sweeties), don't read this here review if you haven't seen it!

These are my inital thoughts and I'm still sitting here with a sense of "Ah that was good!" and I'm not thinking in a pickie sort of way. So if you want more of a subjective reivew, check in later. BUT, if I've got something that bothers me it's got to be the expletive deleted overuse of the ecpletive deleted "Doctor Who' expletive deleted question! But on th epossitive side, I was very happy seeing the return of Vastra and Jenny (The Victorian Interspecies Lesbian Detectives), Commander Strax and Jenna Louise-Coleman. Or Oswin. Or Clara. Or both. Or... (- no nevermind)  and the first appearnce (in the show proper) of the mighty Richard E Grant (whom I now give the title of Master of Angry Glares, otherwise known as the "I've had it with everything" stare).

Now to the story. Mister Steven Moffat has given us cracking episode that had fun, but with an underlying sense of drama (what with The Doctor's living in his Box In The Clouds that is bigger on the inside, or "Smaller on the outside"), and the idea that a negitave thought that gets thought over and over again can become something big enough to change a person in a very bad way. But it also had the wonderful oneliners perfectly planted throughout at the right points to both make me laugh and love the characters more.

Without going on too long I think I'll just mention Jenna. She's brill! When we first saw her surprise appearance in Asylum of The Daleks I was already sold on her ability(-ies) and she didn't let me down this time! She's a fast talking, fast thinking, Doctor confusing fine young lad. LASS!, I mean Lass. Strax got in the room... I look forwards for finding out more about her. Oh, and notice she's died twice. Moffat's pulling a Rory on us again, but making part of the character.

Anyway, that's about it for my first reivew here, thanks for reading! Let me know what you though of the episode!

Merry Christmas (it's probably getting a little late for that now) and Happy New Year all! Hope to get to know you (and watch some more ABC!)

Cheers, Rhys (host of the 'Who' - Is The Man Podcast: