DW Symphonic Spectacular

Posted by @abcwhovians on February 1, 2014 at 4:20 PM

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular has landed in Australia again- with performances this time in Melbourne and Brisbane, and for the first time hosted by a real life Doctor- the fifth Doctor- Peter Davison. If you have photos of the event you can share with us please post them here: http://www.abcwhovians.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=14875616

You can even post video by clicking the Video link in the the navigation bar above.\

Or you can write a review of the event here in the comments section of this blog.

ABC Whovians member Entish posted this review in our Doctor Who forum:

"Went to see the Dr Who Symphonic in Melbourne last night. It was fantistic (and so was I). It was way beyond what I had expected even after having watched Dr Who Prom. The music was brilliant and I had no idea that the Melb Symphany Orchestra would play so beautifully. As was mentioned on this thread the fifth Doctor was the host and he was funny. There were a couple of surprises which I will not mention here as there are few of you are yet to see it. The only downside is there weren't many monsters and a lack of photo opportunies with them. I will not mention what I did in case the Judoon pays me a visit. Will definately go again."- Entish

We look forward to Sonic and Madman in a Box's reviews when they attend the Brisbane show!

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Reply Madman In a Box
5:28 PM on February 10, 2014 
That. Was. Simply. A-MAZING!!!
Peter Davidson was so fantastic and Ben Foster, the enigmatic conductor from England fighting off the Daleks to no avail, not one but TWO video messages from Tom Baker Himself.
The monsters walking around (Especially as we were only six rows from the front ) from the old and new Cybermen, The Ice-Warriors and so, so many more.
And the music. Oh the music!!
The best concert I have been to ever.
Ever. EVER.

Oh and did I mention we also got suits from the 50th and the time of the Doctor!
Reply Bewildred
10:52 PM on February 10, 2014 
I was lucky enough to see the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular in Brisbane.

Wow just wow. If it comes back to Australia next year, don't think, just get tickets and go.

The show was based on the 2013 Dr Who Proms so the music lineup was basically the same as that concert for those people that may have sourced a copy of it. (and it is well worth the listen btw)

You could just tell everyone in the audience was having such a great time. Lots of scarves and bow ties on display. I saw a female Adric and female Doctor five costume both very cleverly done. There was a full on Time Lord outfit with classic shoulder head piece, plus a truly amazing Matt Smith Doctor outfit looking like he could have been a stand in from the set of Time Of the Doctor.

The music was wonderful and nicely linked to the visuals from the shows on three giant screens. AND there were monsters which roamed around, although I did think they could have had a few more of them or at least moved a bit into the upper seating areas, perhaps it is difficult staging such wanderings but it would have been nice.

I especially enjoyed hearing the companion suite of music and listening to the differences between Rose, Martha, Donna and then Amy's theme songs. (Plus just a little bit smug that my personal favourite Donna got the biggest audience response). Yes Clara's pretty impossible girl theme was also played, but separately, probably as the current companion she got a whole bit to herself.

There was a lovely section of music for the classic series and a huge thankyou to Entish for not spoiling the video message from 004 himself :) I did notice that the forgotten doctor (not Hurt, the original forgotten doctor 008 McGann) didn't get a look in for the classic or the new series poor him. But he did take his rightful place in the regeneration sequence set to the beautifully moving Vale Decem.

Peter Davison was an enthusiastic host, and you know I could just go on all day really.
Reply @abcwhovians
2:58 AM on February 11, 2014 
Thanks for your great reviews Bewildered, Entish and Madman! If you snapped any good photos we'd love to see them here: http://www.abcwhovians.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=14875616