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Series 10 Review Catchup

Posted by SonicR on May 20, 2017 at 4:10 AM

Thin Ice

A solid historical romp, focusing yet again on the burgeoning friendship between the Doctor and Bill. Said friendship is given its first test, with Bill questioning the Doctor's past actions and morality. Thankfully, such conflict is solved organically and satisfactorily, allowing the episode to continue with foiling the plans of what is admittedly a one-note villain, whose only character trait is that he's racist. Still, the Doctor's punch was immensely satisfying! The giant fish beneath the Thames was certainly an imposing presence, but it's a shame it doesn't really do anything. I also find it hard to believe that it wasn't noticed during the periods when the river wasn't frozen over.


Knock Knock

Series 10 continues its solid, if unremarkable, run with an episode that is everything 2013's Hide should have been. I criticised Hide for completely changing its tone from horror to sci-fi halfway through. Not so here. Knock Knock begins as horror, and commits to it, allowing for a much tighter story. That's not to say it is without its problems - the restoration of Bill's friends completely removes any impact the monsters of the episode might have had, and the revelation about David Suchet's character means that he is the fourth misunderstood villain/monster in as many episodes. Still the twist wasn't predictable, and Suchet is easily one of the highlights of the episode, oozing that signatory horror-style creepiness in every scene he's in.



This is more like it! The first true 'hit' of series 10 has arrived! Oxygen delivers a thrilling episode that makes full use of the excellent friendship built up between Bill and the Doctor over the preceding episodes, allowing it to be mostly action-orientated. Matt Lucas' Nardole is also given a lot more to do than he has previously, and the dynamic between him and the Doctor and Bill shines. The standout scene of the episode is the sequence where Bill's suit malfunctions in the airlock - Pearl Mackie completely sells how utterly terrified Bill would have been at the prospect of having seconds to prepare for the cold vacuum of space. The revelation that the Doctor is still blind by the end of the episode puts a great twist on things, and it will be interesting to see how it's resolved.


Thank you all for bearing with me over these past few weeks! Reviews shall commence again once the next 3 episodes have aired, as they're a three-parter.

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Reply sm
7:39 AM on May 22, 2017 
Great reviews Sonic. I'm in general agreement of your assessments (a.though I quite liked Hide and its Sci-Fi-iness
Reply Patch
9:04 PM on June 10, 2017 
Thanks Sonic, looking forward to the rest. :)