"Whovians": Your Thoughts

Posted by @abcwhovians on January 13, 2020 at 3:25 AM

We here at ABC Whovians often get confused with the TV show Whovians that airs on the ABC (We had the name first!) and therefore get lots of messages, positive and negative about the show. So what are your thoughts on the show: love it or loathe it? What do you like and what would you change? Let us know in the comments section!

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Reply MaxHR
5:07 PM on January 15, 2020 
love whovians. it's needed to explain a lot of stuff that goes on.
and they take the piss a lot,
it's just entertainment at the end of the day.
Reply Ed
6:30 AM on January 16, 2020 
Watched the 16th January episode, and part way through wondered why. I thought the idea of the show was to discuss ideas raised in the episode under review. as a number of serious issues were raised as in the future of our planet.These were mentioned in passing. Instead we got Rove hanging it on a couple flirting, as if he is a "guru" on the topic, and a discussion that seemed more about words than any substance of the show. under discussion. Left when the host carried on about an orphan planet. Really. is this something to make fun of, being an orphan, beyond the control of subject. Perhaps a bit more thought before spouting out nonsense that is not funny or relevant. What re you dong this for, the money or your ego, because tonight it wasn't entertainment.
Reply Rumpole
6:41 AM on January 16, 2020 
I've never watched the show, because like most panel shows they end up with the panellists trying to "outclever" the rest of the panellists and show how smart and witty they are (good luck with that).

I can make up my own mind about the show without their help thanks.
Reply Robert
6:06 PM on January 16, 2020 
Orphan 55 was slightly better than sky fall or what ever the hell it was called, until the preaching at the end of the episode,, I could go on and on about it, but I will restrain myself this time, and to Rove, a question, is your programme who I am so meant to look at Dr Who objectively, or are you and your panel just going to say every episode is great ? Just curious thanks Rob
Reply Robert
6:13 PM on January 16, 2020 
I would really like to see some serious discussion about the episodes and the direction that Who is taking, instead of Rove and his panel of yes men and women trying to see who is the funniest or the most clever, answer none of you.
Reply David
8:16 PM on January 17, 2020 
Hi whovians,
As a life long whovian and Rove fan, I love your show and want to see it succeed but I feel you have lost your way a bit this year.l
The point of Whovians is to discuss Doctor Who. However this year you have so many segments that itâ??s getting in the way of meaningful discussion and makes the show feel disjointed. Itâ??s not the segments themself but that there are too many. Please cut back one or two segments a week and talk about the show. You could rotate the segments and rest one each week.
Another idea is to get a fan from the audiences opinion.
Reply Jay Dee
5:34 PM on January 19, 2020 
The show used to be a fun little novelty, but this series is just woeful. Rove looks genuinely embarrassed more often than not. And I don't think 5 Justin Hamilton's would equal 1 Adam Richards.