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Each month a different member gets to choose a song to share on the site. If you'd like to share a video contact me via my profile page

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  • KRSPDS' Pick
    by sm on September 10, 2017 at 2:42 PM
    1217 Views - 2 Comments

    Last month we started a new feature of the site called Member's Pick- where each month a different site member gets to choose a song to share with their fellow members. Last month our song was chosen from one of our original members Patch- who actually vcame up with the name ABC Whovians and started the original ABC Whovians Yahoo! group. This month's song choice goes to one of our newest members whose contributions and theories have been much appreciated on the site- KRSPDS. She has chosen an appropriate song for a Whovian- Doctorin' The Tardis by The Timelords. Enjoy!

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